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A Little About Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Even an excellent dental hygiene routine sometimes cannot prevent tooth decay from happening to your teeth. If Dr. Panchal can detect the tooth decay in its early stages during one of your regular dental exams, we will perform a procedure to place a tooth colored filling in to protect the compromised tooth from further decay and infection. It’s important to attend regular dental check-ups to stay one step ahead of decay and other dental problems. If you let cavities go untreated for too long, you may require a root canal or a tooth extraction.

What Types Of Tooth-Colored Fillings Are There?

At Southeast Smiles, Dr. Panchal offers you tooth-colored fillings created from either a white dental composite or porcelain.

Some Of The Many Benefits You Can Achieve From The Use Of Tooth-Colored Fillings Include The Following: 
  • More Of Your Natural Tooth Enamel Is Preserved During Placement
  • Material Does Not Contract Or Expand With Temperature Changes
  • Less Tooth Sensitivity
  • Less Prone To Coming Loose
  • Metal-Free
  • Replacing Old Fillings

Some patients also may have old metal fillings, and want to update to tooth-colored fillings to restore their smile’s all natural beauty. Let us know if we can replace all of your current metal fillings with white composite teeth colored or porcelain fillings, so you can enjoy the advantages of today’s improved modern dentistry procedures. Replacing old metal fillings can also be part of a complete smile makeover for long lasting oral health.

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